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Stackable Planter Extra Large: Stackapots ‘Maxi’ Stacking Tubs TWIN PACK

The Stackapots ‘Maxi’ Stacking Planters Has a value for money TWIN PACK.

Each Planter has the greatest soil volume per layer in the Stackapots range and the most suitable Stackable Planters for growing root vegetables like carrots, turnips, beetroot, potatoes and much more.

With a huge capacity of 30 litres of soil per layer it is like  vertical garden beds that can allow the user to successfully grow just about anything short of a shrub or a tree.

The Stackapots ‘Maxi's’ are the big brother to the Stackapots ‘Midi’ with pottery spun designs and three times larger!

Like the Stackapots ‘Midi’ they can also be fitted with  internal irrigation systems entering through the tray and fed through each layer to irrigation jets or dripper heads.

Although the ‘Maxi’s are  perfect Stacking Planters for vegetables and herbs they can also provide very impressive colourful flower towers of annuals, perennials and bulbs.

Try it with an extra layer sold separately Recommended Max Of four per set inclusive.

Maxi 3 layered Kits Stand  68cm H x 50cm In Diameter.
Each Layer holds 30 Ltrs of soil.

Perfect fit with our optional Trolley

Kit Includes:

  • 6 Large Stacking Tub Layers
  • 2 Trays

Made from UV stabilised food grade polypropylene co-polymer

Slate Grey