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Stackable Hanging Planter the Stack-A-Pots ‘Mini’

The  Australian Made Stackapots ‘Mini’ is a self-watering Stacking Planter that was designed to avoid root rot in plants and work efficiently in conjunction with the soils own capillary action within the confines of a smaller, stacking pot system.

The Stackapots ‘Mini’ Stacking Planter also comes included with a chain hanging kit. This allows you to create a hanging planter garden with easy access and looks great too!

The Stackapots Mini Hanger  can be hung by a single chain to create a stunning hanging basket great to get those Strawberries off the ground.

It can also be placed comfortably on to a patio table loaded with Succulents, Herbs or flowering annuals.

The Stackapots ‘Mini’ Stacking Planter can also make a perfect seed raising bed. Simply fill each Stackapots layer with seed raising medium, plant your seeds and draw a white kitchen tidy bag down over the whole stand of stacking pots… your own miniature hothouse.

Kit Includes:

  • 4 Stacking Pot Layers
  • 1 Tray
  • 1 Chain Hanging Kit

Made from UV stabilised food grade polypropylene co-polymer

Slate Grey